How to Find Modest But Chic Swimwear

Are you searching for modest swimwear that doesn’t reveal too much skin?  Do you still want to look chic and not matronly?  If you answered yes to these two questions, then keep reading.  This post is for you!

As a girl, I always wore one-pieces because that’s what my mom bought for me.  During college and after college, my friends and most girls my age wore bikinis.  I felt like my one-piece swimsuits were outdated, so I tried wearing bikinis too.  I felt so uncomfortable!  I felt like I was wearing underwear in public, but I kept wearing bikinis for years because I thought I was being stylish.

Now I have finally accepted that I don’t have to reveal too much skin to be stylish on the beach.  I can wear a swimsuit that I’m comfortable in, and still feel chic!

Here are my tips for how to find conservative but cute swimwear.



Tankinis are perfect for covering up the tummy area, middle and lower back, and you can even avoid showing cleavage with some tankinis.  Here are some tip and tricks:

  • look for pretty prints–florals are especially trendy this year
  • look for feminine details such as lace or ruffles
  • if you want to hide your tummy, look for peplum or ruched side tankinis

Below are some tankinis that feature these details–the peplum tankinis are my favorites!  I purchased several of the Target tankinis featured below, and I love them because they aren’t too low cut in the front.   (Click to go directly to store’s website):



If you aren’t a fan of baring your bum in a bikini, look for swim bottoms that are a boy short, skirt, or high-waisted brief.  You can mix and match with various tankini or bikini tops, to achieve your comfort level of how much skin you want to reveal or conceal.

Here are some tips:

  • If you have several printed swim tops, try a black or solid color bottom that can go with various tops.
  • If you have simple tankini or bikini tops, I would suggest a brightly-colored or patterned swim bottom to achieve an overall stylish look.
  • Boy shorts are so sporty and youthful – they can pair with any top, or wear them over a one-piece for more coverage. (And you can skip the bikini wax!)
  • Don’t forget to look for feminine details like lace up sides, ruffled skirts, floral prints, or scalloped edges.

I have the black swim skirt and black swim shorts from Target that are featured below.  They match with every swim top I own!



A one-piece swimsuit offers so many options.  Check out some of the high-neck options featured below if you want to avoid showing off cleavage.  The boy-leg swimsuit from Anthropologie below offers vintage flair while covering the bum.

A few tips:

  • To avoid looking matronly, look for a one-piece swimsuit with a trendy print such as florals, palm leafs, polka dots, or geometric prints.
  • If you prefer a solid color swimsuit, look for feminine details such as scalloped edges, lace, eyelet, bows, or ruffles.

Finally, I want to mention that you can also look for trendy rashguards and swim dresses in lieu of a traditional bikini or one-piece if you want even more coverage.  Rashguards look chic with sheer or cutout details.  It can be harder to avoid a matronly look with a swim dress, but I would suggest a cute vintage or sporty style.

Finally, here are some swimsuits that I have, so you can see how I styled them in real life.  Remember to add accessories for a chic, pulled-together look.

I brightened my look in this black tankini (goes with black boy shorts) with a colorful kurta cover-up and a trendy pom-pom tote.  I also added some sparkle with a jeweled belt:


Modest But Chic Swimwear -


To match the sophisticated black and lace of this tankini, I added jeweled sandals and modern jewelry:

Modest But Chic Swimwear -


I highlighted the colors of the florals in this tankini with vibrant jewelry and gold sandals:

Modest But Chic Swimwear -


I hope this post was helpful to you!  Whatever your swimwear preference, the most important thing is to feel confident and have fun!



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