DIY Soap Wedding Favors

Have you ever received a wedding favor that was pretty but completely useless?  I’ve received so many mementos over the the years like ceramic figurines, shot glasses, and tiny picture frames that no photo will actually fit in.  Often these items just end up in my junk drawer until it fills up, then these wedding favors go to the “donate” pile or in the recycling/trash bin.

How about a wedding favor that guests can actually use?  Even better, how about a wedding favor you can design yourself, to make it fit your personal tastes?  For a friend’s upcoming wedding, I made these simple DIY soap wedding favors, wrapped in pretty paper with a custom label showing the bride and groom’s names and wedding date.

Here are the instructions for this DIY soap wedding favor.  It’s so easy–you just need soap, scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, and a printer.

DIY Soap Wedding Favors |

Here is exactly what you need:

  • Guest soaps – These are available through online retailers such as Etsy or you can try a local craft store.  The quantity you will need will depend on how many wedding favors you will need (such as one per family, one per couple, one per person, etc.).  The soaps pictured here were made by me.  (Soapmaking is one of my hobbies, and it’s so easy.  If you want to try it, I suggest starting with a melt and pour soapmaking kit from your local craft store and following the instructions on the box.)  If you would prefer not to make the soap but just the label, just buy the soap in bulk.  Rectangular or square soaps work best for these wedding favors.  Avoid soaps that are round or cube-shaped, which will be difficult to wrap.

DIY Soap Wedding Favors |

  • Scrapbook paper – Buy this at your local craft store.  Look for paper that has Indian motifs, such as paisley or lotus designs.  The paper pictured in this tutorial is from Michaels.  Avoid cardstock, since it will be difficult to wrap around the small soaps.  Look for paper that is the thickness of regular printer paper or wrapping paper.
  • Rubber stamps – The rubber stamps will be using for stamping a small design on the personalized label.  Again, look for Indian designs, like a paisley, Om, lotus, or Ganesh.  The lotus and Om stamped designs that are pictured below were purchased from Etsy.  (I bought them several years ago, and that Etsy store no longer sells stamps, but just search for terms like “lotus stamp” and you will find lots of available options on Etsy.)
  • Stamping ink – easy to find at craft stores like Michaels or online.
  • double-sided tape or glue
  • printer and printer paper
  • scissors or paper cutter



Step 1:

First, create the label that will go on the soaps.  You can download this Microsoft Word soap template, which contains the four different labels pictured in this tutorial.  Pick the one you like, then customize the font, color, size, etc.  Change the names and wedding date to your own names and wedding date.  Print one first to make sure it will work for the soap you are using.  If it looks right, then copy and paste many labels onto one page and print as many pages as you need.

Step 2:

Cut out the labels.  To make this process faster, I recommend buying a paper cutter, like this one:

DIY Soap Wedding Favors |

Step 3:

Using the rubber stamps and ink, add the stamped design to your labels.  Since you are stamping the designs by hand, each one will be a little different depending on the placement of the ink.  I love the natural look of these hand-stamped designs.  It makes each wedding favor a little different.

Below you can see the four options that I included with the template.  You can pick whether you want the label to say “Priya & Sameer” or “Priya weds Sameer,” etc.  One label even includes “savon pour les mains | hand soap.”  Customize the label to fit your personality.  I have chosen to use two different rubber stamp designs, a lotus and an Om, but you can choose just one or several stamps.

DIY Soap Wedding Favors | themangobungalow.comStep 4:

Cut the decorative paper into the appropriate size for your soap.  Imagine you are wrapping a gift….estimate the size you need for the soap the same way you would estimate the amount of wrapping paper for a gift.  Then wrap each soap using double-sided tape (easier) or glue.  The absence of visible tape will make the soap wedding favor look more professional and classy.

DIY Soap Wedding Favors | themangobungalow.comDIY Soap Wedding Favors |

Step 5:

Stick the labels onto the soap using double-sided tape or glue.

You will notice that the rectangular soap shows off more of the colorful paper after the label is put on.  If this is important to you, look for rectangular soaps when you are buying your supplies.

DIY Soap Wedding Favors |

That’s it!  You’re done!

DIY Soap Wedding Favors | themangobungalow.comDIY Soap Wedding Favors |


These DIY soap wedding favors will look beautiful displayed on your reception tables!

DIY Soap Wedding Favors |

DIY Soap Wedding Favors |

DIY Soap Wedding Favors |

Did you try this DIY soap wedding favor project?  If so, share your comments below, or post the picture of your DIY soap on Instagram and tag @mangobungalow or use the hashtag #mangobungalow.   Happy crafting!

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